Basic Wellness Tips

Here are some my wellness and survival tips for city living.

Stay hydrated:

Drink at least 8 glasses of water to keep yourself hydrated. The number should go up in the summer as we tend to perspire more which leads to rapid loss of water from the body. Each time you go out, keep a water bottle with you to ensure easy access to clean water whenever you are thirsty.

Be sure to have enough sleep:

Due to our hectic schedules, we tend to miss out on your sleep which could lead to many complications in life. Your body needs to rest after it has been worked up during the day. An adult needs 7-9 hours of peaceful sleep. Avoid pulling all-nighters and try to always get a good night’s sleep.

Use sunscreen:

Use sunscreen every time you step out of the house. The UV and UB rays are extremely harmful to the skin and can also lead to skin cancer. You should apply sunscreen every time. Why? Remember that sun rays can penetrate the clouds and when they reach you they will harm your skin. Apply it half an hour before you step out and apply it again after 2-3 hours.

Keep all the emergency numbers handy:

If anything happens to you, make sure you have all the emergency numbers handy. Keep them where you can quickly access them. You could still have them on your speed dials on your phone. In addition to that, if you are suffering from a  disease let your friends and family know about the medications you are taking and their quantities.

Avoid wearing flip-flops:

While they keep your feet cool and trendy during summer, they fail to provide the required support. If you have to walk long distances choose walking shoes over sandals as they provide support and will help you avoid foot, knee, hip and back problems.

Learn first aid:

Whenever you get a cut you should know what to do to stop the bleeding. Take a class for first aid it may save your or a loved one’s life.

Health is so important and the foundation for a happy life.  I hope this post points you in the right direction.

I really like this video and the tips, especially the essential oils diffuser: