5 Ways to Help with PMS

Not every woman suffers from premenstrual syndrome (PMS), yet the bloating, the cramping, or the crabbiness is something that does affect about 85% of women every month. Though there is no complete cure for this monthly problem, there are certain PMS remedies, which if you follow, you can definitely lessen the discomfort. So, without any wait, let us get to learn about a few such helpful ways to handle PMS.

Watch what you eat

If you eat food that is high in salt then it can result in bloating, an excess of sugar can affect your blood sugar levels and your mood, caffeine can make you anxious and irritated, and alcohol may make you feel more depressed. So, of course, you need to avoid them at least one week before your periods are due, even if your fluctuating hormones really makes you crave such foods.

Eat more whole grains, vegetables, and fruits

Though this is something you should always do, one week before your periods you need to be all the more careful. Not only eating right is enough you should also try to eat something at regular intervals so that there are no spikes or dips in your blood sugar levels.

Herbal remedies are helpful

A very helpful PMS remedy is using certain herbs. They can relieve the symptoms like mood swings and cramping. You may try using evening primrose, chasteberry, black cohosh, dandelion, raspberry leaf, and ginger. Most of these herbs can be had in tea form, so do make sure do have a cup or two right from a week before.

Start walking

Though you may find it difficult to exercise with all those PMS symptoms, the fact cannot be denied that physical activity does help make things better. Even if you may be feeling uncomfortable and bloated try to do the best that you can. Just taking a small walk around your block can help decrease the bloating and ease the cramps. Getting involved in regular physical activities can also help you avoid experiencing PMS symptoms.

Manage your stress

An important PMS remedy or advice is to get enough sleep and rest. Sleep as much as is possible so that the symptoms do not aggravate. The next thing you need to do is watch your stress levels. You can do anything that helps soothe your body and mind like yoga, meditation, a massage, or deep breathing. If just hanging out with friends can help fight stress, then you may do that as well.

Try the heating pad

Your grandmom and mom must have recommended you using the hot water bottle or heating pad as it is very helpful, and they are right. So, just lie down on your bed with a heating pad on your back or lower abdomen and relax. The heat, together with lessening your pain, will also help you feel a bit more energized.

Be Wary of Medications

There sure are many medications available that can ease the PMS symptom, but they are not healthy and may even have side effects. In any case, when you have natural PMS remedy to follow, why should you even depend on such medications? So, the next time when your periods are about approaching try these remedies and you certainly will feel a lot better.

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