Hungry before bedtime? Snacks you can Eat with a Clear Conscience

And cup too

If you are not really hungry, try enough to drink a cup of tea. For many of us, eating habits, and therefore there can be reason to try to wean this by just drinking a little warm in the evening. Herbals Daily –  best product review websites

– If you are not really hungry, it might be a good idea to start with a cup of tea – then you can better notice if you really need more, emphasizes Ada E. Reyes.

2. Dark chocolate

If you want something sweet, the dietician suggests that you try to eat a piece of dark chocolate.

– And it should be over 70 percent, and not more than about 20 grams. Otherwise, you get up and get a large amount of calories and your body does not need to sleep. Don’t eat the chocolate to be full – it’s more to feel satisfied.

Fruit salad with whipped cream

For the slightly more hungry, try eating some fruit. And if you combine it with some fat and protein – such as a dumpling whipped cream, stirred with a little Greek yogurt – it will be more ‘fun’, but also more filling.

– It is easier to relax if your body has got all the things it needs. So both fat, protein and a little carbohydrate. It gives it a perfection if you both eat a little bit of fruit and some fat. Many also quickly eat too much fruit – and although it is healthier than candy, there is still much sugar in the fruit, explains Ada E. Reyes.


When you want a salty snack, popcorn is good to throw over. Because even though popcorn is not the healthiest eating, they contain more fiber that is good for your body than, for example, regular potato chips.

– Popcorn is a nice snack if you have to enjoy a Friday or Saturday night. It’s not because they have a special protein and fat content – it’s actually just a carbohydrate with salt on it. But it’s clearly better than chips, says Expert, who also suggests salted nuts as a good everyday snack.

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