3 areas of construction finance Melbourne property developers need to understand to be successful

In this article, we discuss 3 areas of construction finance Melbourne property developers prepare for when applying for property development finance.

Usually finance brokers can offer a wide variety of loan facilities that cover all facets of construction finance. This includes the traditional 70% to 80% of cost funding all the way over to the much more highly leveraged loans and private equity vehicles.

But applying for development finance is not for the faint-hearted because there are a number of priorities that a developer needs to consider to ensure project success and managed expectations.

Gross Realisation Finance

One area is concept of Gross Realisation Finance. Gross Realisation Value (GRV) usually equates to the end-value of the development project. Lenders, and especially private lenders, will look at both the costs of the property deal and its gross realisation. In fact, some lenders will lend only a percentage against the gross realisation. This type of facility is designed to reduce our client’s personal investment into the project.So this is an important consideration when planning to apply for finance. 

Progress Payments

Throughout the construction project, you will be likely be required to make progress payments at certain stages of development. There are generally six payments to be made:

Initial deposit – 10% of the total contract. Base/slab milestone – 5%. Frame milestone – 20%. Lock up milestone – 30%. Fixing stage – 15%. Agreed completion milestone – 20%. 

Your lender will establish a financial schedule of progress payments to accede to. This will also help in identifying all project costs so payments are made after each stage of development has been inspected and verified by a project manager.

You have the ability to save money this way, as interest is only payable on the amount advanced for each milestone payment. This progressive draw-down means you only pay interest on the funds in use during any particular milestone.

Ensuring that a practical progress payment schedule is implemented is key to success.

Application Requirements

There are 2 types of documentation required when applying for funding; those including evidence of income, assets and liabilities and so on, and also specific documents relating to the property development itself. This is done so that the provider can ensure that the required valuations can be implemented.

These documents include, but are not limited to: a signed and dated Building Contract, a Progress Payment Schedule, any required Council approvals, Builders Insurance as well as Public Liability Insurance.

Here is a short video to help explain this concept:

5 Foolproof Ideas to Write Crowdfunding Press Release & Exceed Your Goal Funding

Whenever you’ve got a crowdfunding effort, then you need to write a media release to make sure you achieve your intended financing. A crowdfunding launch helps your energy to triumph once you reach backers that are eager to support your job.


There are a variety of means by which in which you may compose a best press release distribution to your crowdfunding effort. Have a look at the five ideas Which You Can try to get a beginning:


Image result for Write Crowdfunding Press Release & Exceed Your Goal Funding


  1. Write your narrative.

Investors, both backers, and fans tend to be more motivated to assist campaigns which have a narrative. Do not overlook the simple fact that people love tales. A story makes them wish to connect.


If you would like to obtain more fans to your job, write your narrative. When you discuss your actual expertise, or that which pushed you to think of the effort, individuals know better why they ought to help.


The founders out of India called Hiral Sanghavi, and Yoganshi Shah, that is regular travelers initially faced the issue of grabbing sleep when traveling.


To be able to fix this matter, they made a coat with an integrated neck pillow. From that point, they included more features such as a watertight pocket to get a phone, a pocket for a passport, a sleeping mask, to get an iPad, a mixture pen and stylus, retractable hand warmers and much more. Since a lot of people can relate to these issues and are searching for answers, many people affirmed their job that caused a successful crowdfunding effort.


2. Inform your viewers about the benefits.


Your narrative will market if people can see they may gain from it. From the case above, the few have produced the ideal product which may help travelers, confronting the very same troubles.


When you compose your release, include all of the advantages that subscribers may get from your product. The Baubax travel coat is similar to an entire solution to the first problems that travelers experience during travel.


Individuals are drawn to encourage the Baubax coat since they can see it is quite helpful. Backers understand that if they support the undertaking, it might assist many travelers.


3. Write updates regarding the financing.


Another process to ring the eye of these fans is to compose a release as soon as your campaign is currently picking up. Are you reaching your target finance?


It is the ideal time to have the eye of the media. If your story is picked up, it reaches people who will contribute to your job. They’ll be invited to donate funds since they can see that lots of men and women are giving.


It is an indication that they hope your target and they are eager to support your job. If your goal is 50,000 and your current standing is 45,000, compose a discharge to receive as many backers as you can.


4. Emphasize the rewards.


One method to write a launch with your crowdfunding effort is to emphasize the benefits that your donors, backers or fans will get. From the Baubax effort in Kickstarter, the creators provided donors a vest, a sweatshirt or a windbreaker when they vowed $119 or longer. If they contributed $129 or longer, they could find a bomber coat.


When considering giving something to your fans, ensure it is something beneficial for them. The reward must inspire them to provide more. Though not all fans are following the benefits, you need to be sure you are offering valuable rewards.


5. Write a press release about how your product can solve a problem.

Still using the identical case above, highlighting the advantages of this Baubax travel coat is one way you may present your release. If folks understand your product is helpful and relevant to people’s lives, you can garner more fans that are prepared to provide funding for the effort.


In case you’ve got a crowdfunding effort, then employ these suggestions to compose a launch. Do not neglect to offer you an unusual angle for your story.

The Benefits Of Using Professional Web Design Agencies

website laten maken Wijchen door Bright Circle

Professional web design agencies are admired because they utilize an extensive array of web designing skills, promotion and maintenance service for the benefit of their client’s short term and long term requirements. They combine their specialized knowledge of web technology with the theme and content of your business to materialize into a unique web presence.

The professional web site agency knows the importance of having a unique web-presence. Having no presence is almost equal to the site being redundant. Thus as a part of effective marketing strategy, the agency does enough research with relation to the product or service the client wants to promote online. The agency works on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure which words are used by people to find information about the product or service you are dealing with. After finding the words or phrases, the agencies work toward the appropriate keywords and phrase which make the customers track your website. The professional web site agencies make sure that the website is search engine friendly with the right kind of content, key word and phrases.

Here are some more ideal benefits gained by using professional web design agencies:

Makes the site look professional: If a website is designed poorly or haphazardly your prospects will understand one thing: if the website and content is inferior then there is not much one can expect from the products or services the company handles. In the cyber world too, the first impression is the last impression. The web home page is the first impression. Based on the home page, any one can figure out what is the level of service that will be offered and how much will be the rate charged for it. A professional web design agency believes in making the home page and the content of the webpage as customer friendly as possibly without being dull or gaudy at the same time.

Long list of satisfied clientele: A professional web design agency has a long list of satisfied clientele and customers. There is a track-record, a body of work behind it which you can look at and then make an educated decision. In other words, you are not risking your money and time.

Getting your worth:

The web design agency may charge you higher fees than normal, but you are being offered high quality work. This high quality work will pay you for years to come.

Abiding of the contract: Professional web-design agencies agree to a set time frame that is decided mutually by the web design company and the client; taking into consideration the specifications and the standards you have set for the website to be built. They make it a point to deliver before or within the time frame with the requisite terms and conditions.

Continuous assistance: Professional web design agencies have a business contract with you and they will not leave you in the lurch after the web-site is designed. On the contrary, they will work with you and consistently meet your future web-requirements. You are their privileged customer and they are sensible enough to know that it costs less to retain an old customer than invest in another one. If they stick with you and handle all your web-site needs and do maintenance on your website to make it dynamic, then naturally you will be impressed and recommend them to your friends and business associates.

Indemnity insurance: There are some web design agencies which also offer indemnity insurance for loss of business due to slow Internet speed because of various reasons. Check the terms and conditions of insurance policy of the web-design agency.

Minimum Web Accessibility: Professional web designers endeavor to make every one and all have access to use and access the product or the service on the website, regardless of any kind of handicap or disability. Web accessibility implies designing web pages that people can use, operate and interact with according to their tastes and preferences. It is thus important that to make a website presentable and comprehensible in terms of usage and access. By virtue of minimum web accessibility standards, professional web designer work on designing a user interface which is easily comprehensible, accessible, user-friendly and satisfying to one and all.